Query and Fetch


In case of new clients registering with the intermediary, the intermediary can verify whether the client is already registered with any of the KRAs by querying based on PAN of the client and the Date of Birth / Date of incorporation. An intermediary can also upload a single file in the prescribed format to verify details of multiple clients.



An intermediary registered with a KRA can fetch the details of new clients whose KYC details are available with any KRA, by fetching the KYC from the KRA by providing the PAN and date of birth / date of incorporation.



An intermediary registered with one KRA will be able to determine whether a client is registered with any other KRA as there will be exchange of data between KRAs with respect to KYC information. Intermediaries will be able to access the details of clients registered with any of the KRAs, through DotEx KRA, based on the PAN of the client to be admitted by the intermediary.