KYC Registration Agency (KRA) enables an investor to invest through various intermediaries, after undergoing the KYC process only once through an intermediary. This helps in avoiding duplication of the KYC process and inconvenience to investors, and eliminates the need to submit KYC documents each time he opens an account with another intermediary.

Further, any subsequent changes in demographic details of an investor across various intermediaries can be updated by simply updating the record maintained with the KRA. KRA not only prevents duplication and inconvenience to investors, it also enables single point change management.

Furthermore, intermediaries need not collect KYC documents from KYC compliant clients, thus eliminating the need to collect and store the same.

For existing clients i.e. accounts opened on/before December 31, 2011, obtaining fresh KYC in terms of the KRA requirement is not mandatory. The intermediary has to upload the data as available and send the original KYC to the KRA for registration.

In case the investors have any grievance regarding any of the services provided by the KRA or any of its intermediaries regarding KYC registration, an email can be sent to dotex[underscore]kraops[at]nse[dot]co[dot]in for airing their concerns.