Date Circular Reference Subject
21-June-2022 NSE/KRA/2022/01 SEBI FAQ Regarding Validation of KYC Records by KRAs.
08-Nov-2021 NSE/KRA/2021/02 Advisory on Cyber Security Awareness Programme.
07-Sep-2021 NSE/KRA/2021/01 Standardization of Phase II download feeds from the KRAs making them uniform across all the KRAs
07-Oct-2020 NSE/KRA/2020/03 Clarification on KYC process and Use of Technology for KYC
11-Feb-2020 NSE/KRA/2020/02 Change in password policy for NSEKRA login
22-Jan-2020 NSE/KRA/2020/01 Introduction of Two factor authentication for NSEKRA login
15-Mar-2019 DotEx/KRA/2014/001 Implementation of SEBI Circular on Know your Client Requirements for Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPI) dated September 21, 2018
02-Jan-2014 DotEx/KRA/2014/001 Know Your Client Requirements
24-Oct-2013 DotEx/KRA/2013/005 Know Your Client Requirements
04-Oct-2013 DotEx/KRA/2013/004 Know Your Client Requirements for Eligible Foreign Investors
24-Jun-2013 DotEx/KRA/2013/003 Interoperability with other KRAs
26-Mar-2013 DotEx/KRA/2013/002 Amendment to KYC (Know Your Client) Registration Regulation
07-Jan-2013 DotEx/KRA/2013/001 Rationalisation process for obtaining PAN by Investors
22-Aug-2012 DotEx/KRA/2012/005 Adhaar letter to be accepted as Proof of Address for Know Your Client(KYC) norms
13-Apr-2012 DotEx/KRA/2012/004 Uploading of the existing clients’ KYC details in the KYC Registration Agency (KRA) system by the intermediaries
14-Mar-2012 DotEx/KRA/2012/003 Process for sending KYC documents
12-Mar-2012 DotEx/KRA/2012/002 Structure of charges for availing KRA Services.
06-Mar-2012 DotEx/KRA/2012/001 Recognition as intermediary for availing KRA Services
26-Dec-2011 NSE/INSP/19654 Guidelines in pursuance of the SEBI KYC Registration Agency (KRA) Regulations, 2011 and for In-Person Verification (IPV) (zip)
06-Dec-2011 NSE/INSP/19511 The Securities and Exchange Board of India (KYC Registration Agency) Regulations, 2011 (zip)